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SSFW Promo Video

Project Type

Promo video


March 2023

This project aimed to create a unique branding and commercial motion graphics for SSFW BEER, a four-season themed craft beer brand. The concept was inspired by the beauty of the Korean seasons, using distinct colors and symbols to represent each season in the logo and packaging.

The logo design was created based on a cross symbolizing the four cardinal directions, with each segment representing a season using abstract symbols and colors. The can designs featured seasonal colors and illustrations of flowers native to each season. The commercial motion graphics highlighted the unique characteristics of the summer and winter beers, taking the audience through an engaging visual journey.

Ending the commercial motion graphics with a strong, memorable message, the final scene presents the slogan 'From Start to Perfect Finish, SSFW BEER.' As the background music builds in intensity, the logo gracefully appears at the center of the screen. Once the logo is fully displayed, the background music gradually fades away, leaving a lasting impression of SSFW BEER's dedication to quality and excellence in taste. This well-crafted conclusion showcases the brand's unique identity and invites the audience to indulge in an unforgettable experience with SSFW BEER.

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