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Typographic Exploration

Project Type

Typography Design


Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

This 7-week project focused on typographic exploration using provided text, with varying design requirements each week. The aim of this project was to enhance typography design skills by progressing from simple, grid-based designs to complex and unconventional creations utilizing shapes and unrestricted parameters. Throughout the process, attention was given to aspects such as readability, legibility, and design variety.

In week 1, the exploration began with creating compositions using a single weight and point size within a grid structure. Over time, the requirements evolved to include diverse font sizes and weights. By weeks 6 and 7, the project shifted towards utilizing shapes and removing restrictions, resulting in more intricate and unique designs that were not present in the initial week.

The feedback received during the early stages of the project suggested incorporating capital letters and incorporating more curvature into the designs. While the initial compositions were simple and organized, relying heavily on the grid system, it was recommended to explore ideas and visual languages that could be expressed through the designs. Moving forward, a more experimental approach and breaking away from grid constraints was encouraged, even if it meant sacrificing some readability.

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