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Personal Branding

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Personal Branding , Portfolio


May 2023

In the spirit of my namesake, Menzi, which symbolizes a deep pond, I aspire to create a ripple effect in the design world with my work - just as a blooming lotus flower does on the serene surface of a pond. My personal branding, Menzi, encapsulates this intention, reflecting my design philosophy of depth and beauty, balanced harmony, and adaptive growth.

My portfolio is the canvas where this philosophy takes form. It includes a meticulous curation of my work - a testament to the depth and intricacy of my designs. Each piece, whether it's my portfolio book, business card, postal envelope, or postcards, embodies my aesthetic sensibilities and commitment to creating visually compelling designs.

The postcards, in particular, present a tangible showcase of selected works from my portfolio. On each card's reverse, I've penned a brief design briefing in both Korean and English, offering context and insight into my creative process and philosophy. This element serves as a bridge between my designs and their intended audience, enabling a deeper appreciation for the story behind each piece.

Through Menzi, I aim to create designs that leave a lasting impression, echoing the quiet yet profound influence of a lotus on a pond. The depth of my designs resonates with the audience, creating a ripple effect that mirrors my personal and design aspirations.

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