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Color Experiment ; Memory

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2020 Feb

During a trip to Japan, I was inspired by the captivating scenery and decided to create an illustration depicting a memorable location I encountered. As part of this project, I experimented with various color combinations to bring the illustration to life and to evoke the essence of the site.

To develop the color palettes, I chose 3-4 base colors and explored different color schemes such as analogous colors, complementary colors, and achromatic colors. To add depth and visual interest, I also incorporated an accent color and a range of additional hues. This process resulted in six unique color variations for the single illustration, each showcasing a different aspect of the design.

This illustrative travel experience will be a valuable addition to my graphic design portfolio, demonstrating my ability to capture the essence of a location through art and my expertise
in color theory. The project highlights my skills in creating visually striking compositions that combine cultural inspiration with a keen eye for color harmony, balance, and contrast, all while exploring diverse color combinations within a single illustration.

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