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Project Type

Magazine Cover & Spread


Jan 2023 - Feb 2023

In this redesign project for Autre Magazine, my focus was on fashion and global art. I analyzed the brand identity and transformed it into a modern and sophisticated design that emphasizes the visual connection between fashion and art, creating a unique fashion and art ambiance throughout the magazine.

The masthead captures the essence of fashion and art, visually representing the sensation of
a model's collar fluttering on the runway. To enhance the magazine's featured story on Soviet Korean identity, I utilized a Korean brush calligraphy typeface for the article's subtitles, creating a visually engaging link to the content.

Incorporating patterns from the J. Kim brand's fashion line, I edited images in the article to add unique visual elements to the design. And, I created an innovative typography arrangement that complements the overall design by designing the article layout based on the models' shapes.

Through this redesign, I successfully transformed Autre Magazine into a visually captivating publication that appeals to fashion enthusiasts, people in fashion-related jobs, and fashion majors. The project highlights the importance of cultural identity in the world of fashion
and art, showcasing the magazine's commitment to both global art and fashion, while also exploring personal identity and heritage.

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