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Jan 2023 - Feb 2023

Project Type

Brand Identity

This project involves the rebranding of Aqua Planet Jeju, a popular aquarium in South Korea. The existing logo featured a whale sea icon, which has become outdated due to the whale sea's endangered status and its absence from the aquarium. To modernize the brand, I designed a new logo and visual identity that targets families and children who frequently visit the aquarium.

The new logo features a playful typeface that evokes the feeling of water droplets, and when the shape of the letter 'A' is slightly twisted, it reveals an abstract fish silhouette. Alongside the logo, I created a set of aquarium-themed icons with a polka dot aesthetic and strategically used negative space to emphasize the essential shapes and lines.

For the banner design, I portrayed a scene reminiscent of a real aquarium dome, with letters and aquatic lifeforms swimming together in a unified direction.

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